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Welcome! My name is Elizabeth Nelson (aka A2ELNEL) and I served on Ann Arbor City Council from 2018 to 2022. I know how our local government works and I believe that residents should, too. The content on this website is designed to help our community connect to the work of their representatives. Our democracy is stronger when elected leaders are accountable to the people they represent.


Next Ann Arbor City Council Meeting

Monday December 18th 7pm

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Ann Arbor City Council meets on the first and third Monday of every month at 7pm (with exceptions for holidays).

Council Meetings are held in person on the second floor of City Hall. Public commentary is available either in person or via phone/Zoom. See the Legistar link above for details.

Public Comment

In November 2022, Council voted to eliminate open, unreserved public comment at the end of meetings.

If you plan to attend or watch a City Council meeting and think you might want to make a public comment, you must call the Ann Arbor City Clerk (734-794-6140) between 8am and 5pm on the day of the meeting. More information is on the City Clerk’s webpage.


After each Council meeting, I publish summaries of agenda items at A2Council.com, along with Legistar links, posts I’ve written, and articles published on MLive. I also provide links to the agenda on the City’s Legistar website, CTN’s YouTube video of the meeting, and to my newsletters and voting charts.

Latest A2Council Summary: November 20, 2023

A2Council Update Videos

I have also started making summary videos of Ann Arbor City Council meetings. Visit my YouTube channel for more videos.

Latest Ann Arbor City Council Newsletter

Ann Arbor City Council Newsletter (December 3, 2023)

Ann Arbor City Council Newsletter (December 3, 2023)

This week’s Council meeting includes five public hearings for final approval of ordinance changes: eliminating premiums that incentivize the development of affordable housing units downtown, amending the Transit Corridor zoning district to expand setback requirements, and a rezoning/site plan for redevelopment at Briarwood Mall. Additionally, Council will revisit first reading of an ordinance – postponed at their last meeting – to regulate use of and eventually ban the use of gas-powered leafblowers.

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Latest Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart