Absentee Ballot Envelopes have a New Appearance

Feb 1, 2020 | City News

The following was issued by the City on Jan 31, 2020

Ann Arbor City Clerk’s Office Notes New Appearance of Mailed Absentee Ballots

If you requested to vote absentee in the March 10 Presidential Primary Election, the Ann Arbor City Clerk’s office wants to make sure you don’t mistake the ballot in your mailbox for junk mail. Absentee ballots will arrive in the mail in the coming days and will have a different appearance, inside and out.

What to watch for: Look for the outer envelope, which is now white with blue. Inside will be the ballot-return envelope, which is white with green. Instructions for completing and returning the ballot are still included on the ballot secrecy sleeve and the ballot envelopes.

With the passage of Proposal 3 in November 2018, registered voters are no longer required to have a reason for requesting an absentee ballot. All voters may now vote early and from the convenience of home, dorm room, workplace or anywhere.

Those who haven’t yet can still apply for an absentee ballot by mail until the Friday before the election, March 6, or apply in person at the Ann Arbor City Clerk’s office now through 4 p.m. March 9, the day before the election. An application is also available online and can be returned to the city clerk’s office via email, U.S. mail or fax. Find full details about voting absentee at www.a2gov.org/departments/city-clerk/Elections/Pages/Voting.aspx or call 734.794.6140.

Ann Arbor absentee ballot envelopes new look Jan 2020