Ashley Mews PUD Public Meeting (Dec 8 2022)

Dec 4, 2022 | City News

The owners of Ashley Mews (414 S Main Street, Ann Arbor) have requested amendments to PUD Supplemental Regulations in order to expand permitted uses on the property. Owners are interested in adding short-term-rental and hotel use, which is not currently permitted in the PUD. A public meeting for resident participation is part of the City process of considering this request. Anyone interested can attend.

Ashley Mews Resident Participation Meeting

Zoom Meeting
Thursday December 8, 2022 7:00 PM

Zoom Meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 857 5396 1931
Telephone US: 1 312 626 6799. Meeting ID 857 5396 1931
Please log or call in around 6:45 PM to provide time to resolve any connection issues

Accommodations for individuals with disabilities can be arranged by contacting:
Scott E. Munzel at 734 994 1295 or


A memo from City staff dated May 10, 2022 explains the requested change:
“The PUD District and Site Plan [for 414 S. Main] were originally approved in October 1999. The petitioners would like to amend the PUD regulations to include all permitted uses within the surrounding D1 (Downtown Core) Zoning District … The existing regulations contain percentages of certain uses and language which is no longer needed to ensure the viability and activity on the property. For example, the PUD regulations specifically note apartment uses in the high rise. While Staff does consider that as a residential use that includes condominiums, it could be clarified to simply allow all residential uses.”

“The petitioner has expressed a possibility of short-term rental uses by non-owner occupied tenant. While the use is permitted in the D1 Zoning district, the structure of the existing PUD regulations precludes that use in the high rise section of the development.”

This memo was part of the agenda of a Work Session of the Ann Arbor City Planning Commission (a body of resident volunteers appointed by the Mayor). That meeting was not recorded and no minutes are posted on Legistar. This is the link to the May 10, 2022 work session:|&Search=

This is the link to the City memo titled “414 South Main (Ashley Mews) PUD Supplemental Regulations Revision”

Resident Participation Postcard

I have included images below of the postcard that was sent to local residents. From the postcard:

A public meeting is being held by 414 S Main Street, LLC for a project at 414 S Main Street.

The Owner desires to amend the PUD Supplemental Regulations that apply to the PUD to allow all D1 uses within the “high rise” portion of the PUD (which is 414 S. Main Street). This will broaden the type of residential uses that would be allowed within the “high rise” to include short-term rentals or hotel uses. No physical changes outside of the building are being proposed; the site plan remains as is.

In accordance with the City of Ann Arbor’s Citizen Participation Ordinance, the Developer for the above project is notifying residents and property owners within 1,000 feet of the above address. If this project is placed on an agenda for the City Planning Commission, the City of Ann Arbor will notice residents and property owners within 300 ft. of the above address. If you would like to be notified if this project is placed on a City Planning Commission agenda, please contact City of Ann Arbor Planning Services at 734-794-6265 or

You are invited to attend a Resident Participation Meeting hosted by the Developer for a project near you. At this meeting you will have the opportunity to learn about the proposed project, ask questions, and submit comments. A report of the meeting will be prepared by the Developer and submitted to the City of Ann Arbor with their final application. The report will include attendance, a summary of the meeting, and any written correspondence received by the Developer.

Ashely Mews PUD Public Meeting
414 S Main, Ann Arbor
Dec 8, 2022 Resident Participation Meeting postcard
Ashely Mews PUD Public Meeting
414 S Main, Ann Arbor
Dec 8, 2022 Resident Participation Meeting postcard