City Council Newsletters

Since November 2018, I have written a newsletter with my summary of agenda items coming before Ann Arbor City Council, plus links to find more information. Subscribe to receive it first via email, or find it posted later on this blog.

Ann Arbor City Council Newsletter (January 22, 2022)

Hello neighbors! Welcome to my Ann Arbor City Council newsletter, where you can connect with primary sources to understand the work of your local government. My goal is to provide clear explanations of all the issues your elected representatives will be discussing at...

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Ann Arbor City Council Newsletter (January 7, 2022)

This week, City Council will vote on eight items – conservation easements and contracts/purchases requiring budget amendments – that had to be pulled from the December 19, 2022 agenda because each required eight votes for approval. Council was unable to consider those items at their last meeting due to the absence of four Council Members: Akmon, Cornell, Disch, and Song.

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Ann Arbor City Council Newsletter (December 17, 2022)

This week, Council’s regular agenda is very short: final approval of appointments to boards and commissions, amendments to the Best Value Procurement policy, approval of the Council Policy and Legislative agenda, and a two month extension of the City’s contract with Recycle Ann Arbor. Among other things, the Consent Agenda includes a significant expenditure for solar installations at City facilities, and amendments to the contract for resurfacing of Scio Church Road, now scheduled for 2023.

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Ann Arbor City Council Newsletter (December 4, 2022)

This week, Ann Arbor City Council considers organization tasks for a new roster of members. A new Council will be appointed to boards, commissions and committees and also approve Council Rules. Also on this agenda: a motion to suspend Council Rules for reconsideration of a feasibility study. Other items on this agenda include a resolution for adjustments to the TC1 District on Stadium/Maple and the purchase of an ambulance.

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Ann Arbor City Council Newsletter (November 19, 2022)

My term as an elected representative from Ward 4 is ended, so I am no longer handling constituent services. However, I remain committed to highlighting the work of Ann Arbor City Council so that our community has the maximum opportunity to be informed about and engage with the work of our elected representatives.

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Ann Arbor City Council Newsletter (September 4, 2022)

This week’s Ann Arbor City Council agenda is (again) short. Highlights include a feasibility study for a municipal electric utility and support for “polluter pay” legislation at the state level. An ordinance amendment that would establish protections for tenants (Just Cause for Eviction) is on our agenda but is likely to be postponed until September 19.

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