City Budget Survey open until Nov 24th

Oct 21, 2020 | City News

The following was released by the City on Oct 19, 2020

City Launches Budget Priorities Online Community Survey

On Oct. 5, 2020, City Council approved engaging the professional services of The National Research Center to conduct a Priority Based Budgeting Survey for the City of Ann Arbor. The goal of the online-only community-wide survey aims to obtain meaningful and broad citizen input to assist staff and City Council members in developing the city’s fiscal years 2022 and 2023 budget and spending priorities. 

The city encourages all residents to share their insights and opinions about what they believe the city’s spending priorities should be. The online-only survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and is available in three languages. The deadline for input is Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020. 

In accordance with City Charter, the City Administrator’s recommended fiscal year 2022 budget will be submitted to City Council on April 19, 2021. Fiscal year 2022 runs from July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022. City Council members can only adopt one fiscal year at a time even though the city plans for multi-year budgets. 

Results of the survey will be provided to City Council members in December and made available to the public via the city’s budget public process website: