Ann Arbor City Council Newsletter (June 17, 2022)

Jun 17, 2022 | Newsletter

Hello neighbors!

Welcome to everyone who is new to this newsletter! Before every Ann Arbor City Council meeting, I write up my own summary of each agenda item and try to pull details that I think are most relevant to understanding them. My hope is that these summaries can help residents keep track of what City Council is doing. For issues that matter to you, I encourage you to follow links (next to each agenda item) to the City’s Legistar website, where you can find all the background information.

We have another long Consent Agenda this week, but our regular agenda is relatively short. Residents in Ward 1,2,3, and 5 should take note of polling station changes in CA-18, due to construction at some of our public schools.

28th Annual Juneteenth Celebration and Community Unity Walk

This coming Saturday (June 18th, 2022) all are invited to participate in the 28th Annual Juneteenth Celebration and Community Unity Walk from Fuller Park to Wheeler Park. I hope to see you there!

Saturday June 18, 2022
10:00 AM – Community Unity March
from Fuller Park (1519 Fuller Rd, Ann Arbor, 48105)
to Wheeler Park (200 Depot St. Ann Arbor, 48104)
Free transportation available!

Noon – 6:00 PM – Wheeler Park Juneteenth Program & Activities
Hustle Lessons
Children’s Activities
Cake Walk

More information can be found at

From the website:
The Ann Arbor Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People -NAACP- held it first Juneteenth Celebration in 1994. The branch began this celebration at the urging of Rev. Herbert Lowe, then pastor of the Church of the Good Shepard in Ann Arbor. The idea was to have a community event celebrated in Ann Arbor that was a joyful time in the life of African Americans. Wheeler Park, formerly Summit Park was chosen as the site for this celebration because it had been the center of an African American neighborhood in Ann Arbor. Wheeler Park was named in honor of Albert H. Wheeler, Ann Arbor’s first and only African American mayor.

Juneteeth 2022 Ann Arbor poster


I am running for re-election to Council in 2022 and would really appreciate your generous support! I need your help to promote transparency, accountability, and serious representation for Ward 4. Our local democracy matters!

Endorse, Host a Party, Walk Doors, Phone Calls

Yard Sign
No donation necessary – let me know if you want a yard sign!

Any amount helps and shows your support!

A2ELNEL coffee hours June 19 2022

Coffee Hours
Sunday June 19th 3:00pm
I hold coffee hours Sunday afternoons before City Council meetings. This week my coffee hours are at Roos Roast at 1155 Rosewood, meeting outdoors on the lawn.

If you can, please bring a chair – RoosRoast has very limited outdoor seating for customers and they prefer that our meeting not occupy it.

City Council Regular Meeting
Tuesday June 21st 7:00pm
Note that this week’s meeting is on a Tuesday due to the Juneteenth holiday on Monday. Council Meetings are in person at City Council chambers. Public commentary is available either in person or via phone/Zoom – see the Legistar link for details.

Ward 4 People & Places You Should Know

If you are involved in the local birding community, you may already know Dr. April Campbell. Dr. Campbell is a local advocate committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in outdoor recreation, specifically birding. Most recently, she has established a group called BIPOC Birders of Michigan.

I met Dr. Campbell earlier this year, when she reached out to me to talk about unconscious/conscious bias and the lack of diversity in the City’s parks department. I coordinated meetings with several City staff so that Dr. Campbell could share her direct observations and concerns. I am grateful for community members like Dr. Campbell who reach out to tell us exactly where the City is falling short, though the issues we discussed are still unresolved. She offers significant, specific, and personal experience that should inform our policy and decision making.

Dr April Campbell for A2ELNEL People & Places You Should Know June 2022

Dr Campbell’s local advocacy was recently featured in a Bridge Detroit article about national Black Birders Week. Her work is part of a much larger, national effort to raise awareness about how racism and bias defines a serious risk (and obstacle) for people of color participating in outdoor recreation. This article highlights the fact that these problems exist everywhere— our own community is not immune or exempt. I urge everyone to read it!

Dr. Campbell graduated from Yale University in 1978, attended Emory University School of Medicine and then completed an Internal Medicine residency at Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C. She served in the National Public Health Service for three years providing healthcare to underserved regions in New York State, including the Onondaga Nation in Syracuse. In 1993, she moved to Michigan to undertake a residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She is now retired and lives in Ann Arbor with her wife, four cats, one stubborn dachshund, and an out of control organic garden.

Dr. Campbell has lived in Washtenaw County for thirty years and in Ward 4 since 2006.

When City leaders talk about our commitment to racial diversity, equity and inclusion, we need to listen closely to the voices and experience of advocates like Dr. Campbell. She is someone you should know! Website Updates

In addition to writing this newsletter, I post updates to my website with my perspectives on how issues were resolved at City Council and details on how Council voted at each meeting. I also post information about meetings and issues that affect Ward 4 residents, along with news that affects all city residents.

City Council Voting Chart for June 6, 2022
The voting chart I made for our most recent Council meeting. Update for June 6, 2022
My summary of agenda items of interest from our most recent Council meeting, along with articles I’ve written, articles published on MLive, links to Legistar, and CTN’s YouTube video.

Research Park Drive Detour (June 13-20, 2022)
The detour is scheduled to end this Monday.

Local Road Treatments June 21-23 2022
The following roads will be “cape sealed” June 21-23: Pine Brea Street, Emily Court, Creek Bend Court, Algebe Way, Meadowside Drive, Woodcreek Boulevard, Wooddale Court, Brian Court, Overridge Drive, Roxbury Road, Tuomy Road, Farmbrook Court, Hayes Court.

Local Road Treatments June 23-25 2022
The following roads will be “cape sealed” June 23-25: Arella Boulevard, Blaney Drive, Delaware Drive, Granada Avenue, Kirtland Drive, Lans Way, Marian Avenue, Waltham Drive.

Proposed TC1 Rezoning of Stadium Boulevard Area – First Public Meeting
I attended the public meeting about a proposed TC1 (Transit Corridor) zoning change for the Stadium Boulevard area.

City Survey about State and Hill Streets Improvement Project
The City has opened up a survey about the proposed State and Hill Streets Improvement Project.

Survey on Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU) open until June 30 2022
The Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations has created an online survey titled “Are you interested in advancing a Sustainable Energy Utility?”

ARPA Funding Dashboard
The City of Ann Arbor has set up a website “dashboard” to monitor the budgeting and expenditure of $24.2 million in funds under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Council Meeting Agenda 6/22/22

Below is my summary of some issues on the City Council Agenda this week, with links to more information about each of them. If you have comments about any of these issues, feel free to email me.

The full agenda (including a link to the latest published PDF agenda) is on the A2Gov Legistar website:

City Council meetings are broadcast live by CTN on Comcast (channel 16) and AT&T (channel 99). They are also streamed live on YouTube and Viebit:

Questions to the Agenda

In preparation for a Council meeting, Council members can ask questions of staff about scheduled agenda items. Questions must be submitted by noon on the Wednesday before a Council Meeting, and answers are returned the next day (Thursday) by 5pm.

AC-1 (22-1097) Agenda Response Memo and eComments – June 21, 2022
This agenda item has a PDF attachment with all questions raised by Council Members, and the answers provided by staff.

Communications from Council

CC-1 (22-1111) Resolution to Appoint Kimmeka Pipkins to the Independent Community Police Oversight Commission
This appointment is from CM Ramlawi and CM Song, who serve on the Independent Community Police Oversight Commission, and CM Nelson and CM Radina, who serve on the Human Rights Commission. This is being presented at this meeting, and will therefore be voted on at the next Council meeting.

  • Kimmeka Pipkins – Independent Community Police Oversight Commission

Communications from the Mayor

MC-1 (22-0956) Appointments – Confirmations
These mayoral nominations were presented at the previous meeting, and will therefore be voted on at this Council meeting.

  • Alex Zittleman – Energy Commission (Youth Member)
  • Kendall Koenen – Energy Commission (Youth Member)
  • Richard Wieland – Elizabeth Dean Fund

MC-2 (22-1040) Nominations and Appointments for June 21, 2022
These mayoral nominations are being presented at this meeting, and will therefore be voted on at the next Council meeting.

  • Sharif-Ahmed Krabti – Housing and Human Services Advisory Board
  • Mary McMahon – Housing and Human Services Advisory Board
  • Jean Leverich – Housing and Human Services Advisory Board
  • Teesha Montague – Park Advisory Commission
  • Michael Michelon – Downtown Development Authority

Consent Agenda

Below is the list of items included on the Consent Agenda. If no one on Council specifically requests that an item be pulled for discussion, the whole of this list will be approved in a single vote. I encourage you to look at this list and offer suggestions to me about anything you would like to see pulled for discussion.

CA-1 (22-0983) Resolution to Update Street Closings for the Ann Arbor Jaycee’s 4th of July Parade to Include North University from 8:00 AM Until 1:00 PM

CA-2 (22-1044) Resolution to Approve Closing Maynard Street between East Liberty and East William Streets for the Firefighter Spray Park in the District on Monday, July 4, 2022

CA-3 (22-0974) Resolution to Approve a Construction Contract with Gerace Construction Company, Inc. for the 2022 Bandemer Park Bridge Repairs and Renovations (RFP 22-18, $505,567.00)

CA-4 (22-0975) Resolution to Accept a Fair Food Network Grant for the Ann Arbor Farmers Market for $45,000.00 and Appropriate Funds (8 Votes Required)

CA-5 (22-0981) Resolution to Approve and Appropriate FY 23 Budget and Allocations for 5-Year Safety Net Grants as Part of the New Human Service Partnership – $712,442 Budgeted (General Fund) (8 Votes Required)

CA-6 (22-1025) Resolution Authorizing Membership in and Commitment to Washtenaw Health Initiative (WHI) Charter 2022 Statement of Commitment ($10,000.00)

CA-7 (22-0602) Resolution to Approve a Contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation for the Platt Road Improvements Project ($2,329,200.00)

CA-8 (22-0963) Resolution to Approve a Construction Contract with Ajax Paving Industries, Inc. for the Geddes Avenue and Huron Parkway/Tuebingen Parkway Resurfacing Project. (RFP No. 22-25, $4,230,895.60), and to Appropriate $1,011,000.00 Internal Contributing Funds (8 Votes Required)

CA-9 (22-0842) Resolution to Approve the Purchase of an Odor Control Chemical from D3W Industries, Inc. for the Wastewater Treatment Plant ($130,900.00 Annually, Estimated)

CA-10 (22-0843) Resolution to Approve the Purchase of Polymer from Solenis LLC for Centrifuges at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, ITB No. 4714 ($297,000/year, Estimated)

CA-11 (22-0949) Resolution to Approve Purchase of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for Water Treatment Services from Matheson Tri-Gas Inc., ITB 4716 (estimated $84,000.00/year)

CA-12 (22-0950) Resolution to Approve Bulk Chemical Purchases for the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants of Sodium Hypochlorite (JCI Jones Chemical – Approximately $238,500.00/year), Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (Alexander Chemical- approximately $31,892.00/year), Pebble Quicklime (Graymont – Approximately $747,500.00/year) and Ferric Chloride (PVS Technologies – Approximately $66,130.00/year) (estimated $1,084,022.00/year)

CA-13 (22-0951) Resolution to Approve Purchase of Liquid Oxygen for Water Treatment Plant Services from Linde Inc. Bid No. ITB 4712 (estimated $98,000.00/year)

CA-14 (22-0952) Resolution to Approve Purchase of Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) for Water Treatment from JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc. (ITB 4718) (Estimated $450,000.00/year)

CA-15 (22-0953) Resolution to Approve Purchase of Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP) for Water Treatment Plant Services from Carus, LLC, Bid No. ITB 4720 (estimated $181,728.00/year)

CA-16 (22-0944) Resolution to Approve a Contract with Enerlogics Networks, Inc for the Purchase and Installation of Energy Storage and Battery Systems at the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants ($520,172.00) (8 Votes Required)

CA-17 (22-1005) Resolution to Approve the Purchase of Thirteen (13) Dual-Port Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Associated Software from ChargePoint Inc. (Sourcewell – $98,306.00) (8 Votes Required)

CA-18 (22-1062) Resolution to Temporarily Relocate Precincts 1-2, 1-3 (Community High), 2-18 (Clague), 3-24, (Tappan) 3-27, 3-30 (Scarlett), 3-29 (Pittsfield Elementary), 5-43 (Bach), 5-47 (Eberwhite), 5-52 and 5-53 (Forsythe) for the Primary Election on Tuesday, August 2, 2022 due to Construction Projects at the Ann Arbor Public Schools

CA-19 (22-0941) Resolution to Approve a One-Year Extension of the Contract with Washtenaw County for Police Dispatch Services ($852,230)

CA-20 (22-1008) Resolution to Approve the Board of Insurance Administration’s Recommendation to Approve a One-Year Renewal of an Auto Physical Damage Insurance Policy with Allianz.

CA-21 (22-0899) Resolution to Authorize a Professional Services Agreement with Insight North America LLC ($600,000.00)

CA-22 (22-0989) Resolution to Approve an Agreement for Auditing Services with Rehmann Robson, LLC for ($405,000.00/5 years)

CA-23 (22-0987) Resolution to Amend Ann Arbor City Budget for Fiscal Year 2022 (8 Votes Required)

Public Hearings

Anyone wanting to comment on these issues may speak for 3 minutes, without having specifically reserved time. Issues subject to public hearing will also be up for a vote by Council later in the meeting.

PH-1/DB-1 (22-0814) Resolution to Approve the Annexation of a 5.74 acre parcel of Land Associated with The Village of Ann Arbor Site Plan for City Council at 2600 Pontiac Trail (CPC Recommendation: Approval – 9 Yeas and 0 Nays)
A 5.74 acre parcel at 2600 Pontiac Trail – currently in Ann Arbor Township – would be annexed into the City. It is currently within the City’s water and sewer service area, and the current use is consistent with the adjacent zoning, land uses and comprehensive land use plan. A Council vote on proposed R4A zoning will happen at a later meeting.

Ordinances – Second Reading

In order to amend the city code, Council must vote to approve the change, via ordinance, at two Council meetings. The following proposed ordinances were approved at a previous Council meeting, and are also subject to a public hearing as listed above.

There are no ordinance second readings on the agenda.

Ordinances – First Reading

In order to amend the city code, Council must vote to approve the change, via ordinance, at two Council meetings. The following proposed ordinances are being introduced for “first reading”. If approved, the ordinance will be voted on at a subsequent Council meeting (“second reading”), where it will also be subject to a public hearing.

There are no ordinance first readings on the agenda.

Motions and Resolutions

The following agenda items are motions and resolutions, which are approved or rejected in a single meeting. Agenda items marked “DC” are proposed by Council members, items marked “DB” are proposed by City boards and commissions, items marked “DS” are proposed by City staff.

DC-1 (22-0955) Resolution to Appoint Non-registered Electors to Boards and Commissions (7 Votes Required)
These mayoral nominations are being presented at this meeting, and will therefore be voted on at the next Council meeting. 7 votes are required because the nominees are not registered electors of the City.

  • Knox Cameron – Energy Commission (name removed from agenda 6/16/2022)
  • Moksha Menghaney – Energy Commission
  • Roger Ahn – Main Street Business Improvement Zone

DC-2 (22-1085) Resolution to Authorize Settlement of Mark Jonker and Pasithorn Suwanabol v. City of Ann Arbor and Cadillac Asphalt, L.L.C., Washtenaw County Circuit Court Case No. 21-000684-CZ
Approval of this settlement would dismiss the case of Mark Jonker and Pasithorn Suwanabol v. City of Ann Arbor and Cadillac Asphalt, L.L.C with no admission of liability. Payments will be made to plaintiffs: $10,000 from the City and $28,000 from Cadillac Asphalt. This lawsuit is based on a claim that the City and Cadillac Asphalt placed (and then failed to remove) silt fencing fabric over storm sewer grates, which caused flooding at Wildt Street. See story linked below:

DC-3 (22-0878) Resolution to Approve a Power Purchase Agreement with Enerlogics Networks, Inc. for the Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of Solar at City Facilities and to Appropriate Necessary Funds ($7,496,424.00) (8 Votes Required)
A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Enerlogics Networks, Inc. will fund the installation, operation, and maintenance of solar infrastructure at seven locations at City facilities. Total costs are estimated at approximately $7,496,424. City Council previously approved $4.5 million in funding for this project. Under this agreement, the City makes an upfront payment of $3,419,000: $3.1 million from ARPA funding and an additional $319,000 from the Public Safety Rebate associated with the Community Mental Health and Public Safety millage. At any point, the City can purchase the solar systems at fair market value; otherwise, the City will continue to pay the PPA for 20 years, with the option of extending the contract beyond that. The installations are predicted to provide over 3 megawatts of power. The PPA allows the City to use the power generated from the solar installations at each site, with additional energy usage purchased from DTE.

DB-1 (22-0814) is the same as PH-1 above

Additional thoughts…

This last week, I had plans to participate in a Ward 4 candidate forum sponsored by the Ann Arbor Democrats. That forum did not end up happening because of technical problems with the Zoom platform, and will be rescheduled.

For anyone interested: next week there is another scheduled event to hear from all three candidates for Ward 4. The League of Women Voters is sponsoring a candidate forum on Monday, June 20th. This will be pre-recorded over Zoom, aired on CTN, and posted to YouTube.

As I campaign, I am constantly reminded of how much we learn from each other when we are able to connect in a meaningful way, face-to-face. Every day I learn something new from residents who have observed things happening in their neighborhood (or in the City generally) and have ideas for how to make them better. I loved these conversations in 2018 and I appreciate them even more now. The difference between this year and 2018: I have a much better understanding of why certain problems persist, what strategies have been tried or considered, and any specific City plans to address them in the future.

In the last month, I have enjoyed wonderful conversations with residents, hearing what you care about, sharing what I’ve done and what I know about City operations. I am grateful for the support of residents like you who read this newsletter and are interested the work of City Council.

In other news: I have kept my son busy in the last week, producing more endorsement videos for me. If you would like to participate in this project – or supply a written endorsement – just reach out!

Thank you for helping me represent Ward 4!
Elizabeth Nelson