City Launches Online Access to Planning and Building Records and Permits

May 17, 2020 | City News

The following was announced by the City on May 15, 2020

The public can now go online to view and download City of Ann Arbor plans and permits that the building and planning departments have stored over the years. Documentation from as far back as 1930 up to 2007 that was previously only available as microfilm, microfiche and paper documents, can now be found in PDF format. Smaller, letter-sized permits as well as blueprint-sized plans are available online.

Records from 2008 to present have already been available online via the city’s eTRAKiT system at:

“Efforts to bring these older records and documents online started one year ago,” said Community Services Area Administrator Derek Delacourt. “Access to the public is more convenient now, and the original aging media is also preserved.”

These documents, previously only available upon request, are useful to the public for several reasons. They show current owners, real estate professionals or prospective buyers past construction information on a house or building; provide statistical data to researchers; and document past work for contractors to review before starting new work on a site.