DDA Curbside Carryout Parking Meters Now Have Red Bags

Dec 1, 2020 | City News

The DDA released this notice about changes to curbside carryout parking spaces downtown

Beginning December 1 2020, the free, 15-minute curbside carryout parking spaces in downtown Ann Arbor will be designated by a RED meter bag. (see attached photo) The current orange bag and signage will be removed and replaced with a red bag indicating “No Parking 15 Minute Loading/Unloading.” The change is necessary to preserve these spaces for the intended purpose of free, short-term parking to support the curbside carry out service many restaurants and retailers are relying on. The new bags enable Community Standards officers to enforce the 15-minute parking limit and issue tickets to those using the spaces for long term parking.

Ann Arbor DDA curbside carryout meter bags Dec 2020