Jan 30th meeting about Snyder Edgewood Stormwater Improvement Project (UPDATE: MEETING DELAYED)

Jan 20, 2019 | Ward 4 News

Update: This meeting was delayed to Feb 28th due to dangerously cold weather. New blog post here:

City engineering staff will hold a public meeting about stormwater improvements planned for the Snyder and Edgewood Avenues area.

Wednesday, January 30 (7 – 8:30 PM)
Pioneer High School
Cafeteria Annex

Information about this project can be found on the City website:

From the website:

Discussion will cover the design options, potential solutions, and planning level costs to remedy the flooding that occurs in the project area. The meeting will also be used to discuss the public engagement processes to be used, project issues, and elements to be considered as the project proceeds and any other business that the body deems necessary.

Postcards with the images below will be mailed to residents in the area bounded by W. Stadium Boulevard/S. Seventh Street/Pauline Boulevard/S. Main Street.

Snyder Edgewood Ann Arbor Jan 30 2019 mailer A
Snyder Edgewood Ann Arbor Jan 30 2019 mailer B

This is a map of the area where the postcards will be mailed.

Snyder Edgewood Ann Arbor Jan 30 2019 map