Marijuana Excise Tax Update: $1.4 Million to Ann Arbor

Mar 28, 2022 | City Council

The State of Michigan has released numbers for the excise tax funds to be received by municipalities that participate in state licensing of marijuana dispensaries. The City of Ann Arbor has 25 licensed dispensaries and will be receiving $1,411,336. You can find more information about these funds – which municipalities are receiving how much – at this link:

In March 2021, I co-wrote and sponsored a resolution, directing that these funds be tracked and allocated toward emergency services response, substance abuse intervention, enrichment programs for at-risk youth, and criminal justice reform initiatives. That resolution was approved unanimously and can be found here:

I shared at the time:

Much has been written on the topic of our country’s drug laws: how criminalization of marijuana in particular has had a disproportionate (negative) impact on poorer communities and communities of color. Generations of families have suffered long-term consequences due to arrests and convictions that we know targeted certain vulnerable populations more than others.