Maywood Ave Construction Update June 21st

Jun 24, 2019 | Construction

The following update was emailed on June 21, 2019 by Tesha Humphriss, Project Manager for the City of Ann Arbor. For any questions or concerns with this project (or to be added to her email list of construction updates), she can be contacted at 734-794-6410 ext. 43672, or at

Since the last update the contractor has finished all of the water main installation and started water main acceptance testing.  To date, approximately 1,300 linear feet of water main has been installed from the intersection of Maywood and Stadium to the intersection of Avondale and Mershon.

During testing earlier this week we found 2 areas of water main that needed to be dug up and repaired.  It is very common to find areas needing repair during water main testing, and following these repairs the water main passed the pressure test.   The new water main is scheduled for further testing next week, including disinfection testing.

After the rain day yesterday the contractor spent some time today working on the existing storm sewer along Maywood.  Next week the contractor plans to complete the water main testing and continue storm sewer work on Maywood.

Following successful testing the new water main will be connected to the existing water main (at Stadium and at Mershon).  Completing the water main tie ins will require a temporary water main shut down.  The earliest this planned water main shut down will occur would be the end of next week; but it is very likely the tie ins (and water main shut down) will be pushed to the first week in July.  Residents will receive at least 24 hours notice before a planned water main shut down, we will leave an orange door knocker at your house.  

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