New STREAM online permit system

May 1, 2021 | City News

The following was announced by the City on April 19, 2021

The City of Ann Arbor serves thousands of residents every year seeking city services that range from the annual purchase of dog licenses to plan review permits for construction projects. In an effort to streamline these processes, the city has selected a software system, created by Tyler Technologies, to help achieve this goal.

After two years of preparation, on Monday, April 19, the new software, EnerGov, will debut as the first phase of the project when certain permits, listed below, will be available online for purchase or renewal at

Phase one online process you can complete and pay for online include:

  • Dog license
  • Dog Park registration
  • Auctioneer license
  • Banner permits
  • Block party permits
  • Fowl permits (backyard chicken/duck)
  • Commercial applicator of pavement sealant license
  • Commercial quadricycle license
  • Domestic partnership certification
  • Precious metal and gem dealer
  • Going out of business license
  • Manufactured fertilizer license
  • Marijuana facility
  • Noise permits

EnerGov will automate and connect processes that will help reduce the need for in-person transactions at city hall, increase productivity, enhance customer service and improve convenience by offering customers the ability to pay for licenses and permits through the online portal (STREAM).

“The City Clerk’s Office is excited to be a partner in this project,” said City Clerk Jacqueline Beaudry. Additional features include a customer self-serve portal, online permitting and plan submittal capabilities and the ability for the city to accept payments online. “We look forward to improving our customer experience by offering online application and payment options for our popular permits and licenses, including dog licenses, dog park permits and backyard bird permits.”

EnerGov will improve the workflow efficiency for staff and drastically reduce the level of paper accumulation and management that has been inefficient in both cost and time for the city to maintain. “Some of our immediate goals for this software include creating shorter review and processing time of applications, increase staff productivity and improve our billing cycle times,” said Building and Rental Services Manager Lisha Turner-Tolbert. “Additionally, we look forward to extending digital capabilities to the inspection staff with an iInspect application they will use with iPad technology on construction and housing sites.”

Beginning later in April, additional processes will be made available via STREAM that will serve to manage the resources and processes for:

  • Building and trade permitting
  • Plan submittal and review
  • Land management
  • Record retention
  • Rental housing licensing

“The City of Ann Arbor is excited about the new digital permitting and land management software and the long-awaited innovation that comes with a completely web-based system,” said Turner-Tolbert. “The new customer service portal, STREAM, has expectations of living up to its name for the community and city staff. It is designed to streamline the permitting, plan review and record retention systems giving the community quick, intuitive self-service access for achieving their business needs.”

The software also generates automated reminders for licenses and permits to help avoid late charges and delinquent renewals

The goal is for a seamless transition between the new Energov system and the City’s incumbent application, TRAKiT\eTRAKit. However, City Clerk’s Office staff will be on hand to answer any questions customers may have as they use the new software by calling 734.794.6140.

Ann Arbor STREAM online permit system