Newsletter Excerpt (Nov 2, 2019) – Parking on Packard

Nov 2, 2019 | City Council, Ward 4 News

The following was originally published as part of my Nov 2, 2019 Newsletter

Two months ago, I met with the owners of Argus Farm Stop, who expressed concerns about the availability of parking near their store on Packard. This particular corner of Lower Burns Park is a small pocket of commercial activity (e.g. Toarmina’s Pizza & Burritos, Arbor Vacuum) within a much larger residential area.

Businesses in locations like this can draw much of their customer base from residents within walking distance, which is ideal. However, locations like this – particularly on major transit lines like Packard – also depend on some “pass through” business: commuters who can stop by on their way in and out of the neighborhood. I am hopeful that the addition of 30-minute limited spots on Dewey will help this little commercial area flourish, primarily to meet the needs of people who can use non-motorized transportation to get there.

A very similar parking arrangement was previously implemented on Second Street, to support the Argus Farm Stop location on Liberty, in Ward 5. In the interest of transparency, I am bringing this proposal as a Council resolution to clarify the details of it for timely/accurate review and public discussion. I welcome feedback, as it will have a direct impact on neighbors in Ward 4. You can find details about DC-4 (including a map) here: