Quiet Zone Assessment Results and Online Survey Now Available (Railway Noise)

Feb 14, 2019 | City News

For those residents in the area of Lower Burns Park (and other areas impacted by railway noise) the City of Ann Arbor released the results of its Quiet Zone Assessment, a study to consider options to improve safety and minimize the impacts of train horn noise at multiple at-grade highway-rail crossings throughout the community.

Download the Quiet Zone Assessment report here:

The assessment began with a community engagement process in 2018, followed by a thorough review of Ann Arbor’s infrastructure. The study determined that multiple crossing improvement scenarios are available, which would allow for the implementation of one or more quiet zones in Ann Arbor. Costs for the various options range from $2.5 to 7.8 million. 

“This has been a topic of great interest to the community for many years,” noted Eli Cooper, City of Ann Arbor transportation planning manager and project manager. “It was important to finally make a full assessment of our options to improve livability and safety but that also look at costs. We hope the community will find this information helpful as our next steps are considered.” 

City staff is seeking feedback from residents on the options presented in the report. A short online survey is available until Friday, March 15 at 5 PM (using the service A2 Open City Hall)

Note that the original survey deadline was February 28 – but was extended to March 15

This information was taken from a news item posted on the City website:

For more information, visit the City’s transportation page:

This is a map of proposed quiet zone crossing locations, taken from the PDF report linked above:

Ann Arbor proposed quiet zone crossing locations Feb 2019