Scio Church Road Construction Delayed to 2023

Sep 17, 2022 | Construction, Ward 4 News

City staff announced this week that the Scio Church (Seventh to Maple) road construction project will be delayed until 2023. This project has been delayed multiple times, and was most recently scheduled to begin in Fall 2022 and completed in Spring 2023.

According to the City:
Staff will rebid the project due to the low bid that came in 193% over our estimates. The extremely high bids were likely caused by:

  • A plan that called for a two season project (beginning in late Fall 2022 and concluding in the spring of 2023)
  • Supply chain issues
  • Inflationary pressures

We believe that significant savings can be realized if we rebid the project this year and make it a one season effort, in 2023, for the following reasons:

  • Contractors will have adequate time to schedule and plan the work
  • Eliminate the need for temporary pavement and remobilization effort
  • More time for the contractor to react to supply chain issues

The City has information about the Scio Church project here:

Scio Church Road Ann Arbor improvements map Jan 2020