Street Resurfacing (Chaucer, Mershon, Saxon, Waltham, Windsor, Winsted, Worthington, Yeoman)

Oct 3, 2020 | Construction

The following construction notice was circulated on Sept 25, 2020 to affected property owners/residents along Chaucer Drive, Mershon Drive, Saxon Road, Waltham Drive, Windsor Drive, Winsted Boulevard, Worthington Place, and Yeoman Court regarding resurfacing work planned to begin Oct 1, 2020.

I have copied the text of the letter below, as well as images of the original letter.

As the letter states, to receive email updates from the City about this project, please email the project manager David Dykman at

There were four previous street resurfacing notices circulated in Ward 4 this year:


Chaucer Drive (End of Cul-de-sac to Scio Church Rd)
Mershon Drive (End of Cul-de-sac to Scio Church Rd)
Saxon Road (Waltham Dr to Waltham Dr)
Waltham Drive (Scio Church Rd to Saxon Rd)
Windsor Drive (Waltham Dr to Covington Dr)
Winsted Boulevard (End of Cul-de-sac to Scio Church Rd)
Worthington Place (Lans Way to End of Cul-de-sac)
Yeoman Court (Wiltshire Dr to End of Cul-de-sac)

Project Overview

This coming week the City of Ann Arbor will begin construction on the final phase of the local street portion of the citywide 2020 Street Resurfacing Project. This phase includes the following streets within the limits shown above: Chaucer Drive, Mershon Drive, Saxon Road, Waltham Drive, Windsor Drive, Winsted Boulevard, Worthington Place, and Yeoman Court. Work will involve:

  • Partial and full depth removal and replacement of the asphalt pavement to eliminate potholes, provide a smoother driving surface, and increase the service life of these streets.
  • Replacing storm water inlets, segments of concrete curb and driveway openings, areas of concrete sidewalk and driveway approach aprons, and upgrading or installing new concrete sidewalk ramps (as required to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act standards).

Construction staking, videotaping, and “Miss Dig” utility markings (colored flags and paint markings) may have occurred recently and will continue throughout construction. These provide important information to the construction crews – please do not disturb.


On Thursday, October 1, 2020, the project contractor, Cadillac Asphalt, and its subcontractors expect to start construction and complete the work related to this phase in approximately 4 to 5 weeks, weather permitting. In advance of the construction start the contractor will be placing temporary construction signing and filtering devices in the curb inlet drains.

Impacts to Residents

During the project driveways will remain accessible except for certain construction activities. Where the contractor needs to remove and replace the concrete curb opening and/or approach, it will also need to restrict driveway access for 3 to 4 days while the concrete cures. Where properties are accessible from more than one location the contractor will alternate work and completely close one location while keeping the other(s) open until the work at each is complete. If, due to special circumstances, you require uninterrupted access, please contact the City in advance.

Concrete curb and gutter replacement will generally include 1 to 2 feet of excavation in the directly adjacent public right-of-way. The contractor will restore all damaged lawn areas resulting from this work. If you are aware of an underground sprinkler system, invisible fence, or any other buried feature(s) near the roadway, please contact the Project Manager listed below. Although privately owned features should not be buried in the public right-of-way (generally the area directly behind the curb), we will proceed with caution during excavation if brought to our attention in advance. Unfortunately, if we damage privately owned features buried in the public right-of-way we may not be able to make repairs or provide reimbursement.

Due to the proposed construction activities, it will be necessary for the City to restrict parking and have our contractor place temporary “No Parking” signs along these streets so that work can proceed in a timely manner. The parking restrictions will be in effect from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., except Sundays and holidays.

Unfortunately, the construction will generate some dust, noise, and other possible inconveniences. We will do what we can to minimize these.

The City and contractor will work together to maintain refuse/recycling/compost collection, utility services, and mail delivery throughout the project duration. Please place your refuse/recycle/compost bins in their normal location(s) the night before your scheduled pick-up.

Maintenance of Traffic

The contractor will maintain local vehicular traffic and access to residences for a majority of the project. Temporary vehicular access restrictions may occur during the following activities 1) loading/unloading of construction materials 2) the removal and installation of concrete driveway openings and approaches, and 3) the removal and replacement of asphalt pavement. Pedestrian traffic will be maintained and detoured at times, as required.


The City of Ann Arbor Bridge, Sidewalk and Street Millage together with State of Michigan Public Act 51 (Gas & Weight Tax Revenues) are funding this street work.

Staying Informed

We will use an e-mail notification list to inform those interested in the progress of the project work, and will provide project updates and other important notices to those on this list. If you wish to be included, please contact the Project Manager with your e-mail address. The contractor will also distribute notices to front doors in advance of work impacting driveways, pavement removal and replacement activities, and any other significant project work that may directly impact residents. Please watch for these.

You may also check the Construction Project webpage at for periodic updates. While there, please consider signing up to receive road or lane closure alerts via email or text.

Please contact the Project Manager with any project related questions or concerns:

David Dykman, P.E. 734-794-6410 ext. 43685


At the Project Site: Call the city inspectors, Gary Shivley (734-765-8154) or Carl Emmons (517-605-9342) or look for the city van.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during this improvement project.

Ann Arbor resurfacing update Sep 25 2020 for Chaucer, Mershon, Saxon, Waltham, Windsor, Winsted, Worthington Place, Yeoman (part 1)
Ann Arbor resurfacing update Sep 25 2020 for Chaucer, Mershon, Saxon, Waltham, Windsor, Winsted, Worthington Place, Yeoman (part 2)