Tree Branch Debris Update (March 26, 2023)

Mar 26, 2023 | City News

At the most recent Council meeting on March 20, 2023, the City Administrator offered an update on the City’s plan to pick up fallen tree limbs and branches across the City. He shared a great deal of data about how much has been collected so far, including these details:

  • $50,000 has already been spent on the effort
  • The City administrator recently signed a $200,000 contract on an “emergency” basis (without presenting it to Council for a vote)
  • Three additional contractors have been contacted for help in accomplishing the task
  • Work is estimated to continue for another month before it is completed
  • The City-wide branch and limb pick up is estimated to cost a total of $750,000

The plan for City-wide pickup was first announced on February 27th, when residents were asked to place branches and limbs on street curbs by 7 a.m. on March 6th. None of the plans and expenditures above were voted on at the March 6th Council meeting or last week’s meeting on March 20th.

For more about this topic, see my A2Council Update video for the March 20, 2023 Council Meeting, timestamp 0:30:

Compost Pickup Starts This Week

Compost pickup is set to begin this week (a week early) for the benefit of residents who can put fallen branches and limbs in the regular City collection. Residents can put up to 112 pounds (32 gallon) or 224 pounds (64 gallon) in a compost cart and up to 50 pounds in the paper yard bags.

More information can be found here: