Update from South Seventh Street and Greenview Drive Project Public Meeting

Sep 17, 2022 | Ward 4 News

On Sept 13, 2022 the City held a virtual public meeting about the South Seventh Street and Greenview Drive Resurfacing and Water Main Relocation Project that is scheduled for construction in April-November 2023. I posted about that meeting notice here:

For anyone who missed the meeting about planned improvements to South Seventh/Greenview, I encourage you to watch the meeting on YouTube:

The report presented at the meeting is not yet available online, so I took screenshots of the YouTube video and included them below.

The presentation included three proposals for bike lanes: a “buffered bike lane”, a “designated bike lane”, and a “shared use space with motorists”.

South Seventh Street and Greenview Drive Ann Arbor proposed buffered bike lane Sept 2022
South Seventh Street and Greenview Drive Ann Arbor proposed designated bike lane Sept 2022
South Seventh Street and Greenview Drive Ann Arbor proposed shared bike lane Sept 2022

In addition, four bump outs are proposed to reduce the pedestrian crossing distance at crosswalks. The proposed locations for bump outs were presented in the meeting – here is a screenshot (I added street names for clarity):

South Seventh Street and Greenview Drive Ann Arbor proposed bumpouts Sept 2022

During construction, South Seventh and Delaware will be closed except for local traffic. Greenview will remain open for the duration of the school year.

In Q & A at the end of this meeting, City staff explained that South Seventh is not a heavy/high speed street. Recommendations for bike infrastructure are proportional to the type of street and South Seventh is considered a combination local/minor street.

It was also noted at the meeting that a decision to eliminate street parking for more than one block requires a resolution from City Council.

A survey is open until September 20th, for you to share any questions or feedback to this plan. You can find that survey here:

For more information about this project, visit the City’s website:

From the City’s website:

South Seventh Street and Greenview Drive Resurfacing and Water Main Relocation Project


Tentative Construction Schedule:
April – November 2023

Project limits

South Seventh Street: Scio Church Road to Lawton Elementary School
Greenview Drive: Scio Church Road to South Seventh Street

Why is this project being done?

The existing water mains are undersized and require an upgrade to increase capacity and hydrant flow. Also, the current condition of the pavement at some of these locations is poor and in need of replacement.

Work to be done:

  • The existing water mains will be replaced with larger water mains to increase capacity.
  • The existing pavement will be replaced.
  • Some existing curb, sidewalk and ramps will be replaced for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.
  • Some stormwater improvements will be done.
  • South Seventh Street is an All Ages and Abilities Route, so some safety improvement features are being considered. These include the elimination of existing on-street parking, new bike lanes, installing new crosswalks with bump-outs at each intersection in the project limits along South Seventh Street.

Possible impact to residents:

  • South Seventh Street and Greenview Drive will be closed to through traffic for the duration of the construction. The two streets will be phased for the benefit of the school schedule and minimizing resident intrusion.Driveway access for local traffic will be maintained, but may include delays during working hours. Cross street traffic will be maintained as much as possible.
  • Water service will be interrupted for short durations during water main installation. Disruptions will be limited, and residents will be informed in advance.
  • General noise and dust from equipment, particularly during site excavation.
  • Possible installation of mid-block curb bump outs may eliminate some on-street parking along South Seventh St. It is also possible that some parking could be removed from the first block of Scio Church depending on the design that is selected.

Costs and funding source

City Street, Bridge, and Sidewalk Millage, Federal Funding, Storm Utility Funds, and Drinking Water Funds will fund the work on this project.

South Seventh Street and Greenview Drive Ann Arbor resurfacing and water wain relocation map Aug 2022