Ward 4 from A to Z

Dec 18, 2020 | Quiz, Ward 4 News

A Winter Break Challenge

For many of us, the next couple of weeks will be a different kind of winter break. My own family is staying home and we will miss the holiday celebrations and gatherings we usually enjoy this time of year. I hope that your family is able to enjoy this winter break safely.

For anyone who is looking for activities this winter break, I offer this map puzzle. It is for Ward 4 SUPER FANS! The graphic below is a map of Ward 4, as pictured on the City’s website. Under that graphic is a list of 57 places, all located in Ward 4.

How well do YOU know Ward 4? Can you match the places below to their locations? I obviously wasn’t able to include every place in Ward 4, but the list is plenty long!

This post has been updated with the answers… scroll to the bottom of this post to see how many Ward 4 places you matched!

A2ELNEL Ward 4 A to Z quiz Dec 2020

Can you match these Ward 4 places to the map?

  • 777 E. Eisenhower
  • AAPS Preschool and Family Center
  • All Star Driver Education
  • Allmendinger Park
  • Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living
  • Ann Arbor Fire Station #6
  • Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop
  • Ann Arbor Running Company
  • Argus Farm Stop
  • Benny’s Family Dining
  • Black Diesel Coffee
  • Briarwood Mall
  • Brookhaven Manor
  • Busch’s Fresh Food Market
  • CTN Studios
  • Canham Natatorium
  • Cranbrook Park
  • Davies House Inn
  • Daycroft Montessori School
  • Dicken Elementary School
  • Dicken Woods
  • The Drip House
  • Eisenhower Park
  • Elbel Field
  • Esch Park
  • Graydon Park
  • The George
  • Georgetown Country Club
  • Greater Fountain Church of God in Christ
  • Greenview Nature Area
  • Gretchen’s House Childcare Center
  • Hidden Valley Club Apartments
  • House by the Side of the Road
  • Jewish Community Center
  • Lansdowne Park
  • Las Vegas Park
  • Lawton School
  • Manchester Flats Apartments
  • Meadowbrook Park
  • Mushroom Park
  • Partridge Path
  • Pioneer High School
  • The Produce Station
  • Roos Roast
  • S. State & E. Madison
  • Seoul Garden
  • Shar Music
  • Sinks to Sewers
  • Spruce Knob Apartments
  • Trinity Lutheran Church
  • UM Herbarium
  • UM Indoor Track Building
  • UM Stadium
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church
  • York
  • Yost Ice Arena
  • Zen Buddhist Temple

I also made a printable PDF of the quiz: Ward4_AtoZ_A2ELNEL_Dec2020

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Answer Key: Ward 4 from A to Z

A2ELNEL Ward 4 A to Z quiz answers Dec 2020

Were you able to match all these Ward 4 places to the map?

1. Dicken Woods

2. Dicken School

3. Las Vegas Park

4. Gretchen’s House Childcare Center

5. Manchester Flats Apartments

6. Trinity Lutheran Church

7. Allmendinger Park

8. Greater Fountain Church of God in Christ

9. Pioneer High School

10. The Drip House

11. UM Stadium

12. All Star Driver Education

13. Elbel Field

14. S. State & E. Madison

15. Canham Natatorium

16. Yost Ice Arena

17. Argus Farm Stop

18. Zen Buddhist Temple

19. Graydon Park

20. The Produce Station

21. House by the Side of the Road

22. Benny’s Family Dining

23. Black Diesel Coffee

24. York

25. Roos Roast

26. Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop

27. AAPS Preschool and Family Center

28. Shar Music

29. The George

30. Esch Park

31. CTN Studios

32. Davies House Inn

33. Georgetown Country Club

34. Jewish Community Center

35. Spruce Knob Apartments

36. Partridge Path

37. UM Herbarium

38. Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living

39. Seoul Garden

40. 777 E. Eisenhower

41. Briarwood Mall

42. Hidden Valley Club Apartments

43. UM Indoor Track Building

44. Daycroft Montessori School

45. Ann Arbor Fire Station #6

46. Brookhaven Manor

47. Ann Arbor Running Company

48. Cranbrook Park

49. Busch’s Fresh Food Market

50. Lansdowne Park

51. Meadowbrook Park

52. Lawton School

53. Greenview Nature Area

54. Westminster Presbyterian Church

55. Eisenhower Park

56. Mushroom Park

57. Sinks to Sewers

I also made a printable PDF of the quiz answers: Ward4_AtoZ_Answers_A2ELNEL_Dec2020