Washtenaw County Grace Period for License and Registration Extended Through October

Oct 17, 2020 | City News

The following was released by Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office on Oct 16, 2020:

Washtenaw County Law Enforcement agencies extend grace period for driver license and vehicle registration renewal through October.

There have been numerous questions regarding enforcement of expired driver’s licenses and/or vehicle registration and the law enforcement leaders within Washtenaw County would like to provide residents with clarity and direction.

The executive order issued by Governor Whitmer to temporarily extend the expiration of state identification cards, driver’s licenses and operator endorsements, as well as suspending penalties for vehicle registration violations has now expired. We understand that the current process to renew these items may take several weeks and that many residents have an appointment that is after their date of expiration. Due to these realities the law enforcement leaders of Washtenaw County are extending the enforcement grace period for individuals who may be stopped by a law enforcement officer from a Washtenaw County Agency through the month of October.

What this means for you:

  • If you are stopped by an officer from a Washtenaw County law enforcement agency within Washtenaw County and your license or registration is expired, officers will not issue a citation.
  • Effective November 1st officers will have the latitude to issue a citation to anyone that is expired and does not have proof that you are in the process to renew. If you have an appointment to renew and have proof of that appointment, officers can accept that as reason for your operating while expired.
  • It is important to point out that this grace period does not prevent officers from issuing a citation should the circumstances deem it necessary.
  • We encourage all residents to be proactive and apply for renewal prior to expiration. Do not wait until you are expired to begin the process.